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 Since 2006  

"By most definitions, is Maine's first municipal broadband network."
Tilson Technologies, November, 2015

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                Items of interest:

We've made over 250 installations at homes and businesses on Chebeague.
We now proudly serve almost 90% of the year-round households.
We provide service free of charge to Chebeague's non-profit organizations. 
and to passengers aboard CTC's Islander.
See details about our low-income assistance program!

Please join in expressing deep gratitude to the ConnectME Authority, the Recompense Fund,
the Island Institute, the Chebeague Inn, the Chebeague Recreation Center, the Chebeague Boat Yard,
CTC, Back Bay Tower, the Ballard family, the Calder family,
our generous LLC members, and to all of our loyal and patient customers
for helping us to launch and improve this great new service .
Thank you for your kind support!

"Maine's newest town with Maine's newest technology"  


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