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What does it cost?

Our intent is to make high-speed Internet service affordable to everyone on Chebeague with a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Residential installations:
Includes customers with in-home small businesses. The residential rate structure is:

  Maximum speed down/up
(megabits per second)
Monthly In-Season/Off-Season
(billed by e-mail or pre-paid)
Monthly In-Season/Off-Season
(billed by mail)
Legacy wireless
0.5/0.5 $39.99/10.00 $42.49/10.00
Standard DSL 7.0/1.0 $39.99/10.00 $42.49/10.00
Enhanced DSL 15.0/1.0 $49.99/10.00 $52.49/10.00
Non-Profit Organizations No Charge for 1.5/1.0 $19.99 for 7.0/1.0
$29.99 for 15.0/1.0
Equipment Modem/router may be purchased independently or leased for $5/month
NOTE:  There will be no equipment charges until September 1, 2016

Telephone service:
Includes unlimited local and long distance (48 states/Canada), Caller ID w/name/number, Call Waiting w/caller ID, and 3-Way Calling

    Bundled with Internet service:  $19.99/month (not available otherwise)

    Voicemail:  $1.99/month extra

    Installation:  Free until 9/1/2016; $25.00 thereafter

    Retain telephone number:  Free until 9/1/2016; additional $25.00 thereafter

NOTE:  One year minimum installation commitment for Internet or telephone service is required.

Our response to someone who asked "Why do we have to pay for equipment not being used for six months of the year?"

Commercial DSL installations:

Locations used primarily for business.  The commercial rate structure is dependent upon the customer's anticipated bandwidth usage as determined by

Speeds shown are maximum speeds possible at each level.  While we will strive to deliver the speeds as specified, actual speeds may be affected by distance from the Clam Shack DSL Distribution Center, condition of FairPoint's telephone lines, weather conditions, bandwidth load on the network, and other factors beyond our control.  As the saying goes, "your mileage may vary."

Due primarily to distance from the Clam Shack and FairPoint's line conditions, not all residents will be able to achieve Enhanced DSL service.  A small number may not be able to achieve Standard DSL.
bulletPolicies regarding a customer initiating service or moving to a new home:
bulletCurrent wireless customers will not pay an installation fee
bulletInstallation charges are as follows::  

Home currently has:

  Active DSL Suspended DSL No DSL
Current DSL Customer    $0 $99 $99
Current Wireless Customer    $0 $0 $0
New or Past Customer    $99 $99 $99

NOTE:  Installation charges are waived until September 1, 2016

bulletAll speed levels offer unlimited monthly usage.  However, reserves the right to throttle back individual usage if bandwidth consumption is deemed excessive to the detriment of the entire system.
bulletCustomers may increase or decrease their speed level and associated billing rate without extra charge or penalty.
bulletInactive (off-season) service is available for six months during the year..    Here's how it works:
bulletThe default is year-round service at full price
bulletYou may request seasonal service at any time during the year for up to six months per year
bulletThis arrangement preserves the financial viability of as an affordable Internet service for the Island
bulletBut you must let us know how you want to handle your off-season!
Please do not assume that we know what your residency plans are!
bulletIf you're a seasonal customer who comes to the Island for an off-season holiday weekend, you can have your service turned on at no extra charge while you're here.  Just let us know when you plan on arriving and we'll have your Internet service active and waiting for you.
bulletFixed IP addresses are available for an additional charge of $10.00 per month, regardless of plan.


Service calls:  Free if equipment or installation is at fault; $50/hour otherwise


Invoices for the following month will be sent out by U.S. Mail or by e-mail around the first of each month, give or take a day or two.  You will not receive a statement unless you owe for Internet services.
bulletPLEASE NOTE:  If you're not receiving the service you're paying for and you don't tell us, we can't fix it.  And if we don't know you're having problems, we're going to assume all is well and we will continue to bill you for the service we think you're receiving and you will be responsible for those charges.  Remember, our costs to serve you continue even if your service is out! reserves the right to deny or limit Internet service to anyone who abuses the bandwidth resources available to or who knowingly allows other households to use bandwidth.  Unauthorized use of bandwidth may constitute theft of service and may be treated as such in the legal system.

* e-mail billing requires your machine to be equipped with Adobe Reader.  A free download is available from this link.

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