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We had a lot of help bringing DSL service to Chebeague Island and we are
very grateful for all the assistance our new friends provided to us.
We didn't "build it ourselves!"

Here are a few photos documenting the installation of our new DSL equipment
(October-December, 2012) and the fiber optic line along the North Road (September-November, 2013).

Tom Calder uses the Town's backhoe to drag the equipment cabinet into position with Beverly's and Joe Ballard's help.  We thank the Town of Chebeague Island for helping us with the heavy lifting.

Weighing probably 1000 pounds, the equipment cabinet is carefully lifted as Bev and Joe guide it into place.

Beverly and Tiffany picking up after a job well done.

Tom, Bev and Joe inspect the data cable that will feed
the new DSL system.
Andy Hinkley of Cornerstone Communications (Charleston, Maine) works to connect 300 pairs of wires that will eventually serve's customers. The equipment cabinets await final wiring and configuration.


Kim Emerson and Jeremy Manning of Axiom Technologies (Machias, Maine) get ready to unload 400 pounds of cinder blocks from a brand new Prius (don't tell Nancy!) The cinder blocks anchor our radio transmitter (on the left) on the roof of Back Bay Tower in Portland.   That's Chebeague in the distance, about eight miles away.
Kim and Jeremy create the bandwidth link to Chebeague Island at Sam and Sally Ballard's home. Kim and Jeremy inspect their work.
FairPoint technician makes the link to the telephone system. Kim, Jeremy and Andy head back north after a successful day working on the installation of's DSL on the Island


CMP does its thing on a chilly Tuesday after Thanksgiving, 2012


They may look like a couple of lumberjacks, but it's Andy Hinkley and Ed Lawless
continuing the DSLAM and TOPIC wiring.
Ed with his wife, Kathy That's Ken Pelton behind the mask wiring the cabinet
on a cold December morning in 2012
Jim Supsky of ADTRAN (Providence, RI) installs the fancy stuff. They also serve who stand and watch...and shiver.


Christmas Eve, 2012
Drew Baxter travels from Bangor to replace a failed router
in the very chilly basement of the Chebeague Inn
"Make Ready" work begins on the fiber optic line with the
 replacement of a utility pole near the Clam Shack.
Three more to be replaced and then they
make room on the poles for our cable.
Jim Haskell from FairPoint prepares to move telephone lines
from an old short pole to a taller new pole.
Tilson Technologies of Portland send their bucket truck from
New Hampshire with a a large roll of fiber optic cable.
We lit up the fiber optic cable on November 5, 2013.
The day before Thanksgiving, 2013, a vicious windstorm knocked out the power on the Island for seven hours when a tree snapped this pole near the cemetery, but our fiber optic cable (top one, above the telephone lines) held. CMP trimmed the pole for later repair and the Town crew removed the tree. The power lines are strung between the neighboring poles out of the picture.  

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