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What equipment will I need? will provide you with the equipment you need.  The signal will come to your home on existing telephone wires connected to a DSL modem.  Built into some of our DSL modems is a wireless router which you may use to distribute the Internet through your home to other computers or to wireless devices, such as smart phones, iPads, etc.  Or, you you may use your own wireless router in conjunction with one of our standalone modems.

We urge you to password protect your wireless router to prevent unauthorized people from stealing the bandwidth you are paying for and reducing the bandwidth available to you.  We'll be happy to show you how to do this simple task.

The DSL modem will be provided by and will remain the property of  This means that if anything goes wrong with the equipment or when it's time to upgrade, repairs and/or replacement will be done according to the following schedule:.

Failed Equipment: Cost to customer modem $0.00 modem/router $30.00
Customer's router Up to the customer

Service calls:  No charge if the problem is with the network or's installation.  In general, the customer is responsible for internal house wiring, though we may assist in initial setup.  If the problem is with your equipment or software or "operator error," we charge $50 an hour to get you back up and running.

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