What is the schedule for the fiber optic cable?


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What is the schedule for the fiber optic cable?

Below is the best current estimate for the installation of fiber optic cable between the West End and the Clam Shack:

  1. May 1 -- Request three-way agreement through FairPoint.  Will take about 10 days to have it set up.  They send it to CMP for their signature, and then CMP sends to chebeague.net for ours.  Then it goes back to FairPoint for their signature and they then send back a completed copy to chebeague.net.  Total time is about 3 weeks;   DONE!

    While agreement is being processed, prepare all the paperwork (applications) for the actual attachments.  One each for CMP and FairPoint.    DONE!
  2. May 22 -- The day we receive confirmation that the agreement is all signed and done, file the applications with both CMP and FairPoint;    DONE!
  3. June 12 -- CMP/FairPoint will call to set up a field review and ride-out of the planned route.  Figure three weeks after application is filed;   Set for between July 8 and July 17; SUCCESSFULLY DONE JUNE 19th!
  4. July 3 -- About 2 - 3 weeks after the ride-out, we will receive a summary from both CMP and FairPoint detailing the make ready requirements and costs.  Figure a day or two to review them, but generally, they are what they are; FairPoint summary received.
  5. July 5 -- Then we send a check to both CMP and FairPoint for the make ready;   DONE!  Check to FairPoint sent July 2.  Check to CMP sent August 7.

    Order ADTRAN fittings to make connections between fiber optic cable and equipment at both ends.  DONE!  Received August 5.
  6. August 28 -- MAKE READY WORK UNDERWAY.  CMP plans to complete their work by October 4 with FairPoint to follow, may also be finished by October 4.  FairPoint license granted October 12.
  7. October 14 --  MAKE READY WORK COMPLETE. 
  8. October 28 -- Actual installation/construction should be about 9 days.  Allow another day for terminations/splicing at the ends.   WORK BEGUN OCTOBER 29
  9. November 5, 2013 -- Transition from SHDSL telephone lines to new fiber optic cable completed with complete SUCCESS!


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