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June 12, 2024

The Broadband Committee has been working with Axiom, CMP, Consolidated, the Maine Connectivity Authority, and the Town of Chebeague to deliver high speed fiber Internet service available to every home and business on the Island by August, 2024.

Construction of the new Chebeague Fiber Network started in April of 2024 – the pole owners (CMP and Consolidated) have made the necessary adjustments on the poles around the island.

 The Network will give everyone on the island access to internet speeds ranging from 50 megabits/sec to 1 Gigabit/second, depending on their desires/needs, and should be operational by late Summer or Fall.

 Information on what the installation at your house will look like is available on the “Installation” tab of this site.

 The Network is now ready for signups! Free installation by Axiom is only available at the time of the initial roll-out while the installation crews are on the Island.  We don't know exactly how long the crews will be here, but after the crews leave, Axiom must charge over $300 for the crews to again make the trip for installations, so act quickly!  The sooner the better, to assist the crews in making efficient use of their time on the Island.

 For seasonal customers, initial service will not start until the seasonal customer agrees to a start date.  This will allow a seasonal customer to receive pro-rated service depending on when service is available, and the customer has determined a start date. (For example: if installation is not complete until later in August 2024, the customer can decide to not begin any service until May, 2025, and not have to pay until that season begins.)

More information regarding costs and details is available on the “Signup” tab, or call Axiom at:


Just before New Years, we received our first load of material on a 53’ flat bed:
    7 large fiber reels
    9 medium size fiber reels
    6  pallets of metal strand cable
Looking ahead, we are expecting a 40’ container as well as our final material load following behind!


May 8, 2024:  While the cable is being strung around the Island, Bo and his crew are busy digging trenches for the Equipment Shed as well as for the power upgrade for the Town Office.



Future Home of the Equipment Shed



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