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My animal name is named Puffstick.
I am yellow and I have brown spots on me so I can camouflage in the sand. I am skinny and about four inches tall. My head is squarish and my body is long and smooth. I have tough legs that protect me from the prickles on the cactus. I live in a hole in a big cactus in the desert. The cactus is green and has spikes all over it.

One night I walk away from the cactus. There is a bright campfire behind me. I started waking toward the light. There were fire sparks flinging out of the fire. Some kids started coming toward me. I tried to camouflage so they couldn’t see me. The fire kept spitting out sparks of flame at me. I tried to run but the kids caught me with a net. They put me in a cage and then they put the cage in a truck with different animals in it. We traveled for what seemed like two long days. The road was bumpy and I felt cramped in the cage with the other animals.

I am sick of the truck. “Can we stop now?” I asked. “Yes!” The door opened and now I can get out. The cars makes an “eet” sound. People start taking all of the animals out. ”No not me don’t take me! I want to live! Take someone else please!” I cry. Then I see that the place looks a lot like my home. It is a desert and there are many prickly cactuses. The people are kind and are taking care of all the animals, feeding them and giving them water. This doesn’t look like such a bad place. “Whoa, do take me! Can I have my own habitat?

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