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Long Nose Harry Freak

My name is Long Nose Harry Freak. I have suction cups on my back which I use to stick onto the ceiling of caves. The little lights next to these help me to see in the dark. I also have little spikes all over my brown body. These are very poisonous and they help me hunt.

I can’t see very well but I can smell very well and hear perfectly. I can smell something from 2 miles away. I can live for 70 years. I eat sand sharks and sting rays and jelly fish. People hunt me for food and I am endangered. I can breathe in salt water and fresh water.

One day I was swimming down a river when it started to get very stormy. It started to flood. When the rain stopped, I almost dried up but I found my way to a pond nearby. A few days later the water started to evaporate and food was scarce.I had to eat so I relied on my long nose with its poisonous thorns which were wrapped around my nose. They helped me dig down deeper and find little worm to stab and eat. A little while later, I finally escaped the pond.

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