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Racing through the rainforest, emerald green eyes flashing and paws thundering across the sea of mosses, a cat ran through the forest. A jaguar, two times its size was speeding along in hot pursuit. Skidding around a boulder, the cat leaped high, landing on a thick tree. Suddenly, sharp claws shot out of the animal’s paws and scrabbled at the rough bark. The feline-looking creature had green and blue feathers all along its body. A long tail swayed dangerously close to the jaguar’s jaws. Then, with surprising strength, the feline leaped through the air and landed lightly on the mossy bank. This chase was taking place in the temperate rainforest of Australia.

The creature was called an Audrominy. The only prey it hunts is small and medium-sized birds. About as big as a house cat, this animal survives with adaptions which enable it to escape, hunt and help it not to get hurt. Meanwhile, the Audrominy had resumed leaping off across the forest. It was a surprisingly fast for it’s small size. The jaguar was gaining on it and the small creature was losing energy.

The Audrominy halted on a flat rock. Chests heaving, the felines’ glimmering eyes met the jaguars and locked for a second. Then the jaguar lunged, muscles rippling along the spotted fur. Time seemed to slow tremendously and the Audrominy leaped high. Forelegs stretching toward the sky, wings unfolded from the body and carried it swiftly through the sun. It circled above its predator. Carefully sliding claws back into the feathered paws, the Audrominy landed far away from harm, and began to groom its feathery coat. A hunt for dinner might just be a good closing to the day. Then the animal could retreat to the gap between the tall trees in which it slept. That chase was enough exercise for one day.

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