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Once upon a time, there was an egg, about the size of a lobster trap, that shook, about to hatch, right next to a girl gorilla. The gorilla thought it was mysterious. Then the egg cracked open, the gorilla was surprised! She saw a cute, slimy speeno, with black, orange, brown, and green skin, with his eyes closed just like a human baby. The baby opened its pink eyes and Speeno looked around at the world for the first time. He was happy. He thought that the girl gorilla was his mom.

After Speeno hatched, the gorilla was happy that there was a baby Speeno that hatched from the egg. The gorilla hugged the baby and Speeno was happy to see his mom, or who he thought was his mom. The gorilla mom fed him milk and taught him how to be a gorilla. He got along with the other gorillas.

When he was eight years old, he was taught what an actual Speeno would be taught. When he turned twelve years old, his real Speeno mom came back and found Speeno grown up with a gorilla by his side. His real mom was sad that she had left her egg and her baby alone for twelve years. The gorilla mom told Speeno to go with his real mom, so he did.

Speeno and his real mom went to find food. They found a tapir that looked like an elephant and a pig mixed together but hairy, near a lake, so they hid in the bushes. After a while, the tapir walked right in front of them. Then the mom struck as fast as a cheetah, the tapir did not have a chance to run away. The mom and Speeno, ate up the tapir. They were stuffed and had to go to sleep.

When Speeno woke up, his mom was gone. Then he saw his mom in the bushes, with bite marks and scratches all over her body. There was a giant Spino coming out of the bushes. Speeno was very afraid. He thought his mom was going to pass. Just then, a male Speeno came out of nowhere, his warning scales flung up, telling the Spino to back away from the girl Speeno. But the Spino didn’t back off, so the Speeno attacked the Spino with his strong, spiked tail. Then adult Speeno bit Spino on the neck. The Spino tried to grab the adult Speeno by the back but got stabbed by the spikes on the adult Speeno’s back. The Spino fell to the ground.

Like a T.Rex would, the adult male Speeno put his foot on the Spino and roared. Then he ate the Spino and helped the female Speeno up from the ground. The young Speeno was happy and came out of its hiding spot and hugged his mom. Then Speeno and his mom and dad journeyed on.

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