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Hammy Lambs

The Hammy Lambs purple hair stood out in the tropical jungle! He nervously peered around. Tall green trees with long,green,slippery vines stood out from the ground! Crystal clear,blue streams snaked through the jungle as far as the eye could see! Dirty, brown Stumps and boulders were all over the moist jungle floor! He could hear the beautiful,sing song-y sound of the colorful,tropical birds! Suddenly he heard a crunch of a twig coming from behind the green prickly bush behind him! He looked back. He slowly and quietly backed away from the bush! Then a flash of black and orange stripes leaped out from behind the bush! The Hammy Lamb tore off along the rivers edge! Panting,the Hammy Lamb looked over his shoulder and saw that the tiger was gaining on him! He had to do something! Fast! He ran faster desperately searching for something to hide behind! The tiger was getting closer and the Hammy Lamb could see it’s glistening teeth! It was getting so close that the Hammy Lamb could almost feel its breath! Then he spotted a large,wide tree with thick green vines to hide behind! He looked back. The tiger was getting tiered and was falling behind! This was his opportunity! He dove into the vines and held his breath! Then he peeked out from the long train of vines and found himself face to face with the tiger! The Hammy Lamb turned on one side and pricked the tiger with his pink,sharp,poisonous spikes built into his side! The tiger dropped to the cold,damp jungle floor. The tiered and hot Hammy Lamb flapped its light blue feathers around its neck to cool its self off and then rose into the blue,sunny sky and felt the cool wind on its face!

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