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Nino Joven

Hi, I am a Nino Joven, Or in Spanish it means Young Bunny. I live in the jungle in Rio de Jarneiro. I am a rat sized animal that only likes to eat greens and humans foods like popcorn and fried pickles. I can live in cities or jungles, sometimes I go in and out for special occasions. My eyes on top of my head help me see predators and humans. I am a social animal. I am a wild animal. I am built to last long periods of time without food or water. I also have a strong bladder, so I don’t go to the bathroom while my friend is gone. My three legs help me develop other mechanics like strong bladders and a digestion good system.
I am a animal that doesn’t need any training. My top leg is useful for hooking on to things like branches and trees. My whiskers can be used like a cats, but My kind is allergic to dust mites which is a disadvantge for being small. Our tongues are built to lash hot and spicy foods like jalapenos and carolina reapers. My puffy tail works as a brush so dust mites don’t get to us. I do have a probelm though, Ocelots and other cats like to eat me. But I have a story to tell about the Riot that set off the cats and Nino Jovens.

Tocopilla, Chile, 2015
Simon and I were out for some dinner in the dumpsters of Tocopilla when some cats or gatos were chasing rats, we were minding our buisness when the cats deicided to chase us!
We were shell shocked! Simon reacted so hard, some nasty things can out his body, best not to tell what it was. I pushed Simon out of the way and bam! The gato ran me over! I felt dizzy, dead, and trippy. Next thing I felt, was a moving object carrying me high.

Rio de Jarneiro, Brazil, 2015
I open my eyes and see Simon in a clear, glass, case in a white room with white lights and clear windows leading to white walls and, you guesed it, a white door. I was scared to see a person in a light blue uniform and white gloves with a face mask and carrying a needle that had a clear blue fluid inside it. She was going after simon! I tried to push the glass but it did not do anything! The scary women stab Simon with the needle! The fluid entered his body like a person entering a room. Then, Simon woke up! I was so happy! Simon looked at me with a psychopathic face, Then Blood can out his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. She killed him! The woman’s face peeled off and a face of a cat gave me a evil grin, then, then, then, achoooooo!!!

Real Life
I had a nightmare! Never eat to many bananas before bedtime! Well, that was a heck of a story!

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