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Back Flyer

“I ‘m the Back Flyer.” I am all black and have little sparkles on my wings. I have a smiley face on the back of my head. These are scars from my battle with one of my predators. I live on a small mountain in a cave. The mountain has lots of snow and huge trees.

I have been trying to escape my predator for days. My tail can’t break the bars. Maybe my talons will open the cage. “YES!” they did, but I know that I would have to go, when he is not looking. I flew right out the window. Then I looked back and saw that he was following me, however he was going about 1 mile an hour. Then I disappeared into thin air.

A few minutes later I am in a dark and spooky cave. It is pitch black and I notice that I’m not alone. I see a big, dark figure coming towards me. “I’m so sorry for trespassing in your cave,” I say in a shivery voice. Now that he is right in front of me I see that it’s my new friend. “I‘ m so sorry that I couldn’t tell you about me when we first met. My tail is harder than any other bird in the world. My talons are the sharper than the sharpest knife you could find. And I can fly up to 20 miles per second. It helps me got away from predators. “I need to go some where to keep warm for the night. Can I stay with you?” My friend says that I can stay here for the night. I liked it so much that I decided to stay. The darkness helped camouflage me and it was a nice cozy home.

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