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The Bollie is purple and has a thick pink belt so it doesn’t get shot in hunting season. She has gills so she can breathe underwater. The Bollie has claws so she can grab onto things and protect herself. The Bollie lives in the jungle. The jungle has many vines, monkeys, birds and other animals live there too. One day the Bollie was walking home and saw water. She said, “I guess I will have to go underwater..... I HAVE GILLS!” she yelled. She felt something... ow. She saw a crab and it snapped her. She got scared and it grabbed harder so she used her claws to push it away.

She walked and walked and walked till she found a nice place to spend the night. When she woke up she saw a bear. It was friendly and small. It was a baby bear and she named it Smiley. It was not a stuffed animal but it looked like one because it had soft fur like a stuffed animal. So she took the stuffed like animal on her journey. “I see the jungle!” she yelled. She climbed a tree and swung from the vines to her home. She lives in a tree in a nest the size of four computers. She thought that Smiley would like her home, so she made the nest so both of them can fit in it.
She made it the size of 6 computers. She gathered lots of twigs and hay and made it into a big circle shape with a hole in the middle to sleep in.

Smiley loved the home and he was pleased that she made the nest bigger. That night for dinner they had macaroni and cheese, one of Smiley’s favorite dinners. Then they went to bed. In the morning they had cinnamon rolls that they both loved. Smiley loved his new home and Bollie loved how much bigger it was and they lived happily ever after.

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