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“Oh, I don’t know mom. I don’t like my new home,”
“Don’t worry! Larry, I bet you’ll have a lot of adaptations that will help you survive!”
“I like the desert. Why did we move to the rain forest?” ’’It is green and brown and has many different colors to camoflauge in. It has gigantic towering trees to hide in, big waterfalls to drink from and lots of food to eat. And thats why we live here.”
“It’s too hard to live in the desert.

Larry grew a tail to hang off trees and play with friends. He is about two or three times the size of a fly. He got camouflage to hide in big bushes and blend in. On his head he has two little sensors that send out echolocation to his prey, the fly. This allows him to find his prey easily without seeing very well. It is much easier for him to see at night than during the day.

Larry is one of the four left of his kind. He has dark brown rings around his eyes that keeps the sun from burning his eyes. His eyes are light green to see in the dark.

“But mom, how many of us are there?”
“There are only 4, including us.”
“We lived in the desert. It was too hard to live there. There wasn’t enough food or water.

One year later, there are 2,000 leaf eaters because they all moved to the rainforest. The sad thing for them is that their lifespans are short. They only live about two years.
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