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The Pixie Pig

I’m a Pixie Pig.
Let me tell you a little bit about me.
As you know I’m a Pixie Pig but my name is Kaley.
Something interesting about me is that I change color depending on what mood I’m in.
I look like a pig with wings.
My wings are light blue.
I live in the wet rainforest.
I spend most of my time in the canopy.
The canopy looks like a sea of green.
I stay in the canopy so much so my predators don’t get me.
The most evil creatures to me in the rainforest are Cheetahs, Leopards and Jaguars.
My favorite food is fish.
The was I get fish is, my wings curve up and my wings have a smell that attract fish so they end up swimming in are wings.
I get my food in the rapid river near by.
I usually get woken up in the morning by birds.
Sometimes my mom tells me stories about me that I don’t remember. This is my favorite story and this is how it goes.
“Once upon a time a young Pixie Pig.
At the time she was running through the rainforest being chased by a whole pack of cheetahs.
The young girl had just turned 3 the day before and didn’t know how to fly yet.
She couldn’t wait to learn how to fly.
As she sprinted through the enchanted forest filled with greens she noticed that her wings were lifting up.
Little did she know that’s what happens when a Pixie Pig is about to fly for their first time.
Suddenly she was lifted off the ground and was soaring through the sky she was saved and now knew how to fly!
She flew off to find her family.
With all that commotion of her starting to fly, the cheetahs didn’t notice it because it happened so fast.
The cheetahs were still running when they got to a cliff.
Then… they tumbled off.”

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