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The Fluff

Hello! My name is The Fluff. I have four arms. Two of them are red and the other ones are brown. One of the brown ones is folded to the left, so I don’t get cold. I am covered in brown fur. The fur is half a foot long. My green polka dots are like little heaters and help keep me really warm. I have light brown messy blotches that help me camouflage in my surroundings.

I live in the deep forests in Maine. There are lots of tall trees that make shade. Next to the forest is the Atlantic Ocean.

One day when I was 2, it was way too hot! A minute after lunch I heard a huge noise. It was like thunder under the ground, but then everything was still. I realized it was not….I saw trees moving in the distance. I thought to myself, “that’s not possible.” A few seconds later I realized it was humungous waves moving the trees and they were coming right toward me! I tried to run but it was no use. I couldn’t run fast enough. Five seconds later the water sucked me down and threw me in all directions. Luckily my heat sensors kept me warm in the freezing water. Suddenly the waves started to weaken, but I felt like I was being pulled by the waves toward the ocean.

The next thing I knew I hit something hard. Less than a second later I grabbed on, using my four arms. I could feel that it was a huge boulder. I stayed there for what seemed like hours, but was probably not very long. Slowly the water pulled back. I looked around me and saw logs floating, animals swimming and all kinds of things that I didn’t recognize. Soon after I saw land. The water had returned to the ocean. I was saved.

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