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The prodatle has its own night vision like other animals. Its green dots and brown skin makes great camouflage to defend from its enemies.
The prodatle's tail spikes are poisonous and dangerous. Its wings are very powerful.
It loves to be in the plains. It nests in trees and lays 5 eggs a year.
The poison is strong enough to kill an elephant. It is a meat eater. The eyes are gold. It’s a great hunter. It has a tail that is 100 inches long. The tail is the color of green.

This is how it catches its food:

1. It hides when its food comes near.
2. Then it jumps out, then it swings its tail at its prey and then it poisons them.
3. Then it eats it. It has wings for flight and also for swimming under water. When it encounters a snake it makes a scream-like sound. When it finds a cave, it screams so loudly that the sound echoes and seems louder. Its predators are so scared that they run away. When it sees a diamond, it will run away and dive in the nearest body of water. It’s immune to all poisons and lava. It can mimic human voices. Its diet is elephants, lions and tigers. When it sees a human it retreats. It is very small but deadly.

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