Contest to Create a Town of Chebeague Island Seal!!!

All entries must be post marked or emailed by February 15 2007
Mail entires to Donna Damon 13 Fenderson Rd Chebeague Island ME 04017 or
email entry to


The Chebeague Transition Committee is sponsoring a contest to create an offical seal for the new Town of Chebeague Island (official name).  The seal should relate to the town and tell a viewer something about the town of Chebeague.  It could have a drawing, a motto, a logo etc. or all of the above. It needs to have clear simple lines.  It is too difficut to reproduce something too complicated.  The only rules are that it needs to be drawn on an 81/2 by 11 size paper (It does not have to be that large)and must include Town of Chebeague Island and 2007 as part of the seal. 

Criteria will include but are not limited to: creativity, originality, ease of reducing to various sizes, and most importantly -it represents the new Town of Chebeague.  All entries will become the property of the Town of Chebeague Island.  Winners will be chosen by the Tranisition Representatives who reserve the right to reject any and all entires.