The Transition Committee is proposing a 5-member School Committee for the new Town of Chebeague Island.  The School Committee will be elected at the Public Meeting scheduled for Sunday, June 24th at 1 pm at the Chebeague Recreation Center.  The following individuals have indicated that they are interested in being a candidate in the election of the first School Committee on Chebeague Island:



Jennifer Belesca

Sandra Birkett

Loretta Hamilton

Beverly Johnson

Ken Pelton

Tina Runge

Vail Traina

Carol White

Jerry Wiles


Prospective candidates for School Committee are not limited to this list.


The Education Subcommittee encourages any individual who is interested to consider running for School Committee.  All candidates must be nominated at the June 24th meeting. Any eligible resident can be nominated for School Committee and if they accept their name will be included on the ballot.   There is no limit on the number of nominees. The School Committee will be elected according to the process outlined in your Citizenšs Guide to Chebeaguešs Municipal Elections that you received in the mail recently.