Agenda for the Public Meeting

Of the Town of Chebeague Island Transition Committee


Sunday March 4, 2007

1:00 to 3:00 pm at the Island Hall



Report by the Education Subcommittee


  1. Introduction
    1. Committee charge
    2. Basis for withdrawal and establishing an independent school
    3. Technical assistance


  1. Chebeague Island School Department
    1. Recommended Administrative Structure and Staffing
    2. Preliminary budget


  1.  School Department Hiring Process
    1. Transition Committee Policy
    2.  Process and timetable
    3.  MSAD51 settlement considerations


  1. Update on State School Consolidation Proposals



Report from the Transition Committee


  1. Update on the transition budget process
    1. Process
    2. Estimated timeline
    3. Public participation



Public Discussion