Chebeague Island Marine Invasives
October 4, 2013
(click here for a short video - you can really see and hear the excitement of the children!)

(Thank you to Erno Bonebakker who set up this program and made it all happen)

This Friday at 9AM at the Stone Pier, Jeremy Miller of the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve (WNERR) and Curtis Bohlen of the Casco Bay Estuary Partnerships (CBEP) demonstrated Marine Invasive Species monitoring to students of the Chebeague Island School. We all learned about the importance of Marine invasive monitoring and the possibility of Chebeague joining the New England monitoring network. We are hoping to establish a regular monitoring on Chebeague Island. We looked closely at the floats at the Stone Pier and saw many, many different species of invasive and non invasive marine animals. The students and adults were so enthusiastic about this. Jeremy Miller started off with an informative slide show at the school and then we all met other interested people at the float. This program really goes along with our Weatherblur project of bycatch investigation as we started to learn the difference between some of the species and how to distinguish them.
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