Students and Teachers Observing and Recording Meterological Systems

The 3-5 Chebeague Class went to University of Maine in Orono where they presented their work and iMovies they had done over the last few months. They were able to meet with other islands and see the work done by them. They also had the opportunity to tour the campus and the special oportunities to visit some important scientific research labs. They met Dr. Karl Kreutz and learned about the ice cores from the Antarctica and how the historical temperature is recorded through them. They went to a lab and explored Phytoplankton and the importance of it with Dr. Jochen Nuester (postdoctoral research associate) from Bigelow Labs. They also graphed tree ring thicknesses and learned how to tell the past precipitation through the rings with Dr. Livingston (Associate Professor of Forest Resources). Our students answered many questions asked of them that were amazing and showed their knowledge in so many ways.

One of the iMovies they made and showed was Changing Landscapes of Chebeague - click here to see the youtube of it.

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Ice Core from Antarctica

Dr. Karl Kreutz in the Stable Isotope Lab

Dr. Jochen Nuester with phytoplankton under the microscope

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