Roland Ivan Webber was the Grandson of the late Howard and Cora Hamilton, Curit as well as the son of the late Florence Curit Webber and Roland Ivan Webber, all born and raised on Chebeague Island. Roland would often speak about the summer vacations he would spend with his beloved grand parents, Howard and Cora Curit at their old Curit farm house. Together, they would sell the vegetables that they had raised in their garden to the natives of Chebeague, as well as the summer tourists that would arrive on the Island.

Roland also attended school one year on the Island and always spoke fondly of his relatives, especially Dorothy Webber Mansfield, Barton Curit and Agnes Webber. Sadly he passed away on March 9, 2006, due to unexpected complications from a hospital stay back in February of this same year. He was 81.I know that their are still a lot of people and relatives that knew my Father that still live on the Island as well as frequent it.

Roland operated a very successful restaurant from 1971-1989; Webber Steak House in Fairfield Maine until his retirement would find him heading west with his beloved wife Jeannne D. Langdo of almost 53 years. Together they shared a wonderful legacy that will carry us all on for the rest of our lives. Roland often spoke of the Chebeague Inn where his Father Roland Ivan was a bell boy there. He had a beloved Aunt Agnes Webber whom he always spoke fondly of. Occasionally we would travel to Rhodes Island in my younger days and visit the home of Barton Curit and his lovely wife. I also stayed in contact with Keith Hamilton of Waterville Maine who was the truest of gentlemen. He use to come into the restaurant to visit. He even helped me plan a surprise Anniversary vacation for my parents back in the mid 80's. I was very saddened when he passed away unexpectedly, what a kind soul Keith was.

Roland moved from Maine in 1992 to Las Vegas Nevada, but his heart always traveled back to the loving time that he spent on Chebeague Island growing up.

Sent to me by Susan P. Spaulding, daughter of Roland Howard Webber, great grandaughter of Howard and Cora Curit.