“Hand-made on Chebeague by Past Chebeaguers” is the title for the upcoming exhibit at the Museum of Chebeague History in the summer of 2013.

The Exhibit Committee of the Chebeague Island Historical Society plans to display

hand-made artifacts, both decorative and useful, from the material culture of our island

to illustrate and explain past ways of living and working by Chebeaguers on Chebeague.


This exhibit will include objects from the CIHS collections and, we hope, the private collections of year-round and summer residents.  We seek both decorative and useful objects that past Chebeague islanders made themselves, including (as examples):  quilts, rugs, needlework, other fabric art, whittling and carving, ship models, fishing and farming tools, kitchen implements, decoys, baskets, sleds, and other items of like character that may be discovered.


We will need to identify for each object the maker(s), the use(s) and the distinctive historical context.


    An All-Island Inventory of Historic Hand-Made Chebeague Items


The CIHS Exhibit Committee seeks to compile an Island-wide inventory of historic Chebeague-made artifacts in the Museum and private collections during the month of February.


If any reader of this notice is willing to identify for this inventory  items from past Chebeague that meet the criteria we have described above, please respond nd in one of these ways:


                             E-mail to (Cathy MacNeill)

                             Telephone to Martha Hamilton, 846-4078

                             Letter to the Museum of Chebeague History

                                                  Attention: Martha Hamilton

                                                  137 South Road, Chebeague Island, ME 04017


If photographs can be provided, that would be helpful. In any case, Cathy MacNeill will

try to provide a picture for each item in the inventory.


The CIHS Board Exhibit Committee

Martha Hamilton, Chair and Curator