2 Petraglyphs.jpgPetraglyphs in Canyonlands  M Holt photo

Bryce Canyon, Utah.jpg

Bryce Canyon  M Holt photo

Cliff House Ruins.jpg

Pueblo Cliff House Ruins  M Holt photo

Dead horse Point : Meander Canyon.jpg

Dead Horse Point, Meander Canyon  M Holt photo

John with Ranger from Maine.jpg

John Holt with Park Ranger from Augusta Maine at the Pueblo Spruce Tree House ruins M Holt photo

M&D at Newspaper Rock.jpg

Mary Holt and Deb Bowman

at Newspaper Rock petraglyphs  John Holt photo

Group at Four Corners:Navajo Nation.jpg

CIHS Group at Four Corners in Navajo Nation Market, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Colorado

Double Arches:Arches National Park.jpg

Double Arches at Arches National Park

                                                                                       M Holt photo