We are here overlooking the Aegean Sea after a comfortable trip through Munch. It felt good to exchange the rain and chilly weather for bright sunshine, olive trees and flowers at the Izmr airport. We might even be able to send all of you some photos of the group in action before long. Joannie said, as we looked out over the Aegean, "Isn't amazing how excited we all get when we see the sea". Would you be able to share the word around at Ed's morning ritual with Gene and others that we are all well and wish we had more of you with us.
love to all from the CIHS at Camp Ephesus

"It was a moving moment". The two look like Paddington Bear and Zsa Zsa Gabor in their fetching bonnets. The location is the gigantic communal Roman latrine in the middle of ancient Ephasus, right across from the city's magnificent, three-storey library. From here you could also have a direct view down to the harbor where boats arrived from all over the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.

The CIHS group all returned late Monday evening, full of Aegean sun, sea and scrumptious Turkish meals aboard our boat the Paluko. We made it back to Chebeague thanks to a late night assist from Greg Riddle and Britney Bernier who came across to Cousins in Greg's boat, after an appeal from Margeurite who came out to the bus station to organize us all. Thanks a million Greg and Margeurite. Here is a glimpse of the sun and sea with our intrepid Chebeague Librarian, Deb Bowman, taking off from the Paluko for a paddle along the coast of the Greek Island of Symi. For a glimpse of why we have rounded out since we left, there is a shot of just one dish from the many that our Captain Mazlum, the boat's cook and master chef, prepared fresh for each meal. The new Town of Chebeague was constantly on our minds and the CIHS group in the Town Hall, or bouleiterion, at ancient Priene in Turkey decided that the next group will need a Town of Chebeague flag to raise on the boat and ashore. There will be a full slideshow later in the summer, with tales from all of the CIHS's latest travel adventures to the shores and islands of Aegean Turkey and Greece. 

Here is a cute shot of us all coming home in Gregory's very clean and shiny boat.  He was our hero that night.  Deb