Proposed Casco Bay Lines Schedule change

Summary for distribution on Chebeague:

At its May 26 board meeting (starting at 0745 in the CBL conference room) The CBL board will consider a proposal to slightly change the island rotation on the first boat on Saturdays and Sundays (0630 departure from Portland) to begin with the summer schedule which starts on June 18.

The proposal is that these trips would sail from Long Island directly to Chebeague, continue on to Cliff and then return up the bay from Cliff without stopping at Chebeague upbound. This would allow an earlier arrival time on Chebeague for all passengers travelling down bay and also permit travel on this boat from Chebeague to Cliff. The Chebeague upbound departure will be a few minutes earlier than currently and the trip will be a few minutes longer for upbound Chebeague passengers as they will be traveling via Cliff.

The Cliff arrival will be a few minutes later than currently and the upbound departure from Cliff will be a few minutes later as well.

Arrival time in Portland remains the same. There will be no other operational impact to CBL and the proposal has no financial impact.

This change will improve interisland travel on Saturday and Sunday from Long to Chebeague and from Chebeague to Cliff. It will shorten the down bay trip for Chebeague passengers by a few minutes.

It will assist commuters traveling from Long to Chebeague and Chebeague to Cliff.

This proposal will also be considered by the CBL Board’s Operations Committee at its meeting on May 19, at 0745 in the CBL conference room.

If you have questions or comments please attend the meetings on May 19 or 26 or contact Erno Bonebakker, The Casco Bay Lines Director from Chebeague at