Birds of Chebeague 2009 - Chebeague Bird List
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Eagle after chicks

Eagle being divebombed

Herons and egrets

Glossy Ibis 07/14/09

Winks photo of baby catbirds in his yard 07/18/09

Common Terns 7/18/09

Ring Billed Gull

The photo of the eagle was taken January 31st. The other bird photos have been taken over the last month of Stephen's birds. The new window birdfeeder had a mourning dove who decided she would spend the day resting, eating and sleeping in the feeder. The chicadees finally got her out. We have one male red bellied woodpecker who has been around all winter. We have a couple of hairy and downy woodpeckers along with junkos, sparrows, starlings, house finches, blue jays and an occasional gold finch. We have had as many as 20 cardinals hanging around the bird feeders during the winter. After the photos have a chance to load you can roll your mouse over the photos or you can click on the pictures and scroll though them. Click here for the photo with many cardinals taken a winter 2009.
eagle2 eagle1 cardsblueredbres cardinalblueredbres
2cardinals2 redbreasted2 bluejay bluejay2
mourningdove1 mourningdove2 mourningdove3 mourningdove4
cardinal redbreastedwood cardinalhairy cardinal2
cardinalhousefinch 2cardinals cardinalfeeder 3card
starling3 starling2 starling junco
fdowny2 robin nuthatch robins
dovesbath mhairy sparrow2 sparrow3
rdbrwood2 redbrwood 2cards sparrow
cardinal3 nuthatches mdowny 2fdowny