10/15/12 - Born to Leah MacDonald and Ben Wentling, a daughter, Amelia Rowan Wentling, at 6:39am. we welcomed our newest addition to the family! She was born at home after a surprisingly short labor (though the "at home" part was planned). She weighs in at a healthy 7lbs 15 oz. and is 20 1/2 inches long, the exact size of her big sister as a newborn, minus an ounce. Everything went very well, although only the lead midwife of our planned three midwives actually made it to the birth in time. My sister, Julia, was also present, and the intimate early morning setting made for a blessed moment of birth.

We are all ecstatic and Clara is thrilled to be a big sister. Thanks to you all for your support and love. We look forward to introducing our newest family member to each of you in the coming weeks and months!