Joint Marine Committees Meeting



A joint marine committees meeting has been called by the Board of Selectmen on Wednesday September 28th, 2011 at the Island Hall beginning at 7:00pm.


The purpose of this meeting is to get representatives of all the relevant interested parties -- Coastal Waters Commission (CWC), Shellfish Conservation Committee (SCC), Aquaculture Committee (AC), Harbormaster/Shellfish Warden (HM/SW), Board of Selectmen (BofS), Town Administrator (TA), Ordinance Review Committee (ORC) -- together to make certain that the Coastal Waters Ordinance (CWO) currently being rewritten reflects a rational, generally agreed upon, workable organizational structure for the committees, municipal officers, and municipal employees.

1.    Call Meeting to Order.

2.    Committee Functions Discussion

a.    Policy Making; what responsibilities do the committees have and how do they make policy?

b.    Administration; what actions or activities do the committees undertake, and what resources do they have to get the job done?

c.     Enforcement; what enforcement responsibilities do the committees have, how are those accomplished, and how are appeals handled?

3.    Reporting Relationships Discussion

a.    To whom do, or should, the committees report and how?

b.    To whom does, or should, the HM/SW report?

c.     Who is, or should be, responsible for personnel management?

d.    Do the committees need to keep each other informed of their activities, and if so, how?

4.    Improvements to the Ordinance

a.    What shortcomings does the existing ordinance have? In our first four years, what problems have arisen that a rewritten ordinance might solve?

b.    Would a simplified “road map” of committee responsibilities and functions help? A guide for meeting conduct?

5.    Adjourn Meeting