CUMBERLAND COUNTY SHERIFF¹S COVERAGE: Despite the beautiful summer like weather of the last several weeks, we have now moved into the non – summer season period when the Cumberland County Sheriff¹s Office will be providing the island with law enforcement services on site one day a week. In the last couple of weeks you may have seen several different officers coming over. However, starting in late October we will a have routinely assigned and available to the island Officer Joe Schnupp. He is already well known to some as the officer that provides Long Island with police services. Please remember, except in the case of emergencies, if you would like to bring to his attention matters of any concern call Ron Grenier first at the town office (846 – 3148) and he will pass this information on to Officer Schnupp to investigate further when he is on site. For you parking scofflaws, Officer Schnupp will be ticketing vehicles that are violating parking rules.


RESPONSE TO 1st PAYMENT OF TAX BILLS: The citizens of Chebeague overwhelmingly and promptly responded with getting in their first installment of the tax bill. Large numbers of you paid early on which allowed the town to have a favorable cash flow position in order to pay a large bond debt payment that was due in September. For the few who still have not paid the Board of Selectman adopted the policy of charging a 12% yearly interest rate to residents who pay their taxes beyond the due date of September 30, 2007. If anyone is in need of help, please contact our offices for assistance.


WINTER TIP FOR THOSE WITH OUTSIDE OIL TANK: Our friendly DPW and Fire staff want to remind you that it still is not too late to consider protecting that small filter that sits exposed all winter long at the bottom of the oil tank. Some may remember that last year a resident experienced an oil spill of their precious heating oil after their filter was damaged after an ice storm. This required the state DEP to respond as well. For a small amount of money you can purchase a metal or aluminum tent shaped device to protect you from experiencing this type of problem.