SELECTMEN SET DECMBER 9TH FOR SPECCIAL TOWN MEETING: Selectmen chose Sunday at 1:30 P.M., December 9, 2007 to hold the Special Town Meeting. It will be held at the Island Hall. Back at Town Meeting in July, under Article 6, it was agreed that such a meeting would occur within 180 days to amend any ordinances previously adopted by reference to the Town of Cumberland. Besides the typical procedural articles like appointing a moderator, we will have a handful of other articles to include asking our legislative body whether to accept a transfer of funds from the Cumberland Cemetery Association. Be on the lookout for further warrant information in the next few publications of this "Update".

Winter Schedule for Stone Pier Float Removal: We appreciate that this subject is a sensitive one, especially given how matters were handled last winter. In an attempt to avoid or repeat that fiasco, our Harbormaster, Claire Ross, has been working diligently to solicit input from various groups including the Coastal Water Commission. At the 11-28 selectmen's meeting she will be recommending a float removal schedule. If you care about this topic or have some particular point of view you are encouraged to attend this meeting and provide the selectmen with input accordingly. Complaints after the fact, are not as useful or helpful to the planning process as they would be if presented in advance for consideration!

Shellfish Commission Recommendations For Next Year's License Allocation And Fee Structure: At the 11-28 selectmen's meeting the Harbormaster will put forth the following:

Fee Structure                                          Recreational

                         annual                  $35 resident, $70 non-resident

                           monthly               $25 resident, $50 non-resident

                           daily                    $10 for both resident/non-resident


                           annual                  $50 resident, $150 non-resident


License #                                                 Recreational         

resident unlimited

non-resident held to 1 yearly/mothly

                                                      non-resident no limit for daily

                           Commercial          10 for resident / 1 for non-resident (per 10 resident)