STONE PIER FLOAT "E" & RAMP NEXT TO BE REMOVED: Last week the Harbormaster and the DPW crew worked feverishly to remove our floats before the first blast of snow and cold. However, time did not allow to remove float "E". Ice build c up now precludes our ability to safely use the boom truck to remove this float. Within the next week or as soon as the weight of the ice can be melted from it, we plan to remove both the ramp and Float "E". Meanwhile, the Harbormaster requests that all boat owners using this float tie up shoreward of the Islander. All remaining boat owners using the "E" float will be called as an additional reminder. If the weather does not permit for enough ice to melt to lift the float, the Harbormaster will ground out the float in the cove behind Stone Pier for the winter. If you have questions with respect to our plans for float "E", please feel free to call the Harbormaster at the Town Office or 846-3148.


CEMETERY COMMITTEE APPOINTED: At its November 28th meeting selectmen appointed the following individuals to this committee: Deb Bowman, Diane and Richard Calder, Martha Hamilton, Ken Hamilton, Gail Miller and Lynn Priest. Congratulations to all!


"SINGLE STREAM" RECYCLING BEGINS ON WEDS, DEC 12TH: Starting Wednesday when someone comes to dispose of their recyclable materials they will be using a "silver bullet" that has no compartments because your recyclable materials will all be emptied into a single container. Gail Jenkins has been handing out a list of what can go in and what cannot go in this type of "single stream" container. We also have posted a "Single Stream" handout on the boat and at the town office. Check out the web too! It would behoove everyone to keep this posted in a place for easy reference. When at the transfer station check in with Gail Jenkins and she will be glad to guide you on how "single stream" recycling will work.


2008 REGISTRATIONS FOR BOATS AND SNOW MOBILES: Owners of these items can now come to the town office to register them. A word of caution about wanting to register a DOCUMENTED fishing vessel! You will need to purchase a 2008 excise tax sticker at the town office in order to comply with federal regulations. This sticker must then be displayed on your vessel in case your vessel is approached by the Coast Guard.




PUBLIC HEARING REMINDER: The planning board will be holding a public hearing at the Island Hall on Thursday, December 13th at 7:15 p.m. to receive public input on the Town's request to complete a minor drainage and parking improvements project on Wharf Road.