CHANGE IN CODE ENFORCDEMENT OFFICER HOURS: Paul Whiteıs office hours will change effective immediately from Monday to Friday. This change in his availability is as a result of his accepting part time employment in another municipality. Therefore, starting this week Paul will be available on Friday, December 7th. Anyone needing his service due to a priority prior to 12-7 should call the office to set up an appointment in advance of Fridayıs or call Paul directly on his cell phone at 650-4817. He may be able to set up a separate evening or week-end appointment. You can also reach him by E-mail at


WARRANT FINALIZED FOR SPECIAL TOWN MEETING: Selectmen finalized the warrant for the 12-9 Special Town Meeting. In the public interest the selectmen have asked that we mail a courtesy copy of the warrant to all residents, which you should find in your mail boxes in the near future. We will also post the warrant at our usual public notice locations, i.e. boat, store, library, Chandlerıs and on the web!

STONE PIER FLOAT REMOVAL UNDERWAY: At itsımost recent meeting, the Board of Selectmen supported the Harbormasterıs plan for the Stone Pier float removal. A notice of this schedule, which begins on Friday, November 30th has been posted and the harbormaster has personally called the affected residents. Everyone should keep in mind that wind and weather forecast or conditions may require an acceleration of the schedule.


SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING COMING SOON TO TRANSFER STATION: In the next week or two the transfer station will be in the possession of a new ³Single Stream² container. This means you will have to do less sorting of recyclables into the ³Silver Bullet² multiple bins or compartments. Instead, you will be able to toss all recyclables into one bin or compartment. This Wednesday Gail Jenkins will start handing out a one page graphic that illustrates how this approach works. And as we get closer we will also distribute recycling tips so you will better understand whatıs included in a single stream bin or container and what is not.