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This is not an "ego page;" I'm just a simple man with high hopes, ambitious dreams, and an intense desire to get through the day unscathed. But I have become involved with several activities, including four lovely, talented daughters and their equally lovely and talented mother, plus several community organizations. This is the directory to their pages.

The Tale of the Karmic Oar

"Ground Control to Major Tom" -- Here we are at the OPenluchtmuseum (Open Air Museum) with Tom and Liz.

There was General A. P. Hill for the Confederacy and then there was General D. R. Hill who performed admirably for the Union at Gettysburg, ably assisted by his lovely wife, Nancy Lee who, despite her relation to Robert E. Lee, maintained her loyalty to the Union and to her husband.

When we returned to Gettysburg it was raining heavily. While a crass tourist tried to get an autograph from President Lincoln, Nancy was good enough to protect the good President from the downpour. Her middle name may be Lee, but her heart is in the right place.

Nancy's diet has worked wonders for her but there have been some unexpected side effects that became evident when we visited the M. C. Escher Gallery in The Hague, Netherlands (March, 2005)

And then we had this little mishap (June, 2005)

I got a new Christmas toy that I just had to try out. So I went down to the wharf as soon as I could get out of my driveway after our New Year's Eve snowstorm, and caught this view of the Islander heading back to Chebeague while the snow continued. It even has sound! You'll need Windows Media Player (press Alt-Enter for full screen) or Irfan Viewer (a real nice and free viewer of just about anything) to watch it. As for you Mac people -- you can try downloading Microsoft's Mac version of the Media Player.

A couple of weeks later, I had more success with the Polar Bear Plunge. The sound alone captures the excitement, kind of like the sinking of the Titanic!

New Year's Eve 2000-2001

Polar Bear Plunge, 2001

Vikki Garcia, {yours truly}
Etta Hill, Mandy Garcia, Nancy Hill, Kay-Kay Hill
(Christmas, 1996)

The Beatles' Shortest Song

The Chebeague Home, Past and Present

Cornell Freshman Crew, 1965 (with music)

Cornell Freshman Crew, 1965

Broadband Wi-Fi Internet Service on Chebeague

Back when we rented our home out

Chebeague Island Annual Newsletters

Maine Land Bank Website

"What's Happening" -- a very strange (but true!) edition of Maine Medical Center's "house organ" (so to speak)

"What's Happening" -- same as above, after Jay Leno got ahold of it

My feelings about the Y2K phenomenon

Elizabeth's Blog and pictures

Kay-Kay Goes to Ghana

Chebeague Transportation Company Home Page

Chebeague Recreation Center Home Page

Chebeague Island Music Festival

The photo below is our boat, the good ship Etta Kay (since renamed the Betty Kay to keep up with changing preferences). I told you this isn't an ego page, as evidenced by the name of the boat.

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