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 1st Row - Teacher Miss Rolloff

 2nd Row

 3rd Row

 1.  1. Ralph Estes  1. Josie Ross
 2. Clarence Bowen  2.  2. Ruth Hamilton
 3. Agnes Webber  3. Lula Grannell  3. Delia Bennett
 4. Lenore Bennett  4.  4. Louise Hamilton
 5.  5. Inez Hamilton  5. Georgia Hamilton
 6.  6.  6. Blanche Brewer
 7. Hattie Curit  7.  7. Florence Trufant
 8. Winnie Estes  8. Ethel Curit  8. Linda Hamilton
 9. Emma Estes  9. Jennie (Lincoln) Hamilton  9. Ethyl Hamilton
 10. Statie Hamilton  10. Lillian Grannell  10.
 11. Carl Grannell  11. Fannie Johnson  11. Bessie Hamilton
 12. Clifton Ross  12. Cora Mansfield  12. Bertha Hamilton
 13.  13. Leslie Brewer  13.
 14. Leon Webber  14. Stanley Bennett  14. Charlie Curit
 15.  15.  15.
 16. Beula Hamilton  16. John Hill  16. Edgar Hamilton
 17. Jimmie (Clint) Hamilton  17. Harry Hill  17. Merrow Hamilton
   18. Oscar Ross  
   19. Carl Littlefield  


The Internet version of the 1998 Chebeague Island Annual Newsletter will be devided into three parts in order that you will be able to load and copy it easily.




Table of Contents


Casco Bay Island Development Association

Casco Bay Island Transit District

Chebeague Care Resources

Chebeague on the Internet

Chebeague Island Council

Chebeague Island Community Sailing School

Chebeague Island Grange #576

Chebeague Island Hall

Chebeague Island Hall-- History

Chebeague Island Historical Society

Chebeague Island Library

Chebeague Island Players

Chebeague Island School

Chebeague Island Transfer Station

Chebeague Island Yacht Club

Chebeague Piecemakers

Chebeague Post Office

Chebeague Recreation Center

Chebeague Transportation Company

Annual Craft Sale

Cumberland and Mainland Island Trust

Cumberland Town Council

Friends of the Library

Great Chebeague Golf Club

Great Chebeague Tennis Club

Ladies Aid

Marge Thompson


Recompense Foundation

Sanford's Pond

School Reunion

Saving Raymond's Boat

Sidney Snake's Summer Adventure

Stephen Ross Scholarship Fund

United Methodist Church


Chebeague Census


This year, the Chebeague Island Historical Society has assumed publication of the Annual Newsletter from the Island Council on a trial basis -- a trial to see if the Historical Society can carry on the fine publication tradition established by the Council, and a trial to see if the Council might wish to resume publication at some later date.

The Historical Society has decided to streamline the production of the Annual Newsletter by not soliciting or accepting advertising, and by distributing the finished product only by sale at the Island Market, thereby saving mailing costs.

In addition, the Annual Newsletter is available on the Internet for the first time, including some material not included in the printed edition. The address to visit is:

The old photograph of the District No. 9 schoolhouse on the cover of this 1998 Annual Newsletter shows a building that is very different from the way it is today. A garage door has replaced a window, the belfry was removed, and a garage wing has been added. But this represents the Historical Society's vision of how the building might look in the future, much as it looked in the past. Inside that building, we hope to create a cultural heritage center for Chebeague Island.

We've begun that project by making the building "tight to the weather," with a new roof, replaced windows and other repairs necessary to preserve the building.

Within the next year or two, the Historical Society will be embarking on a capital campaign to make our larger vision a reality. In the meantime, donations toward this ambitious effort will be accepted with great appreciation.

Our thanks to all the contributing Island organizations, and we hope you enjoy our 1998 Annual Newsletter.

-- The Editors:
David R. Hill
Beverly S. Johnson
Leonard M. Passano

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