An update from CTC:

Given our growing summer charter business, CTC has been working to expand our available captains and crew so that we can adequately staff for these opportunities. You may have seen some of the new captains in training on the Islander. We are very fortunate to have added three “fill-in” captains to give us the depth we need. Shannon Smith is an Island resident. Shannon has extensive experience on several vessels and in several locations. Jen Howard recently moved to Chebeague from San Francisco where she worked for 18 years as a ferry captain in San Francisco Bay – running passenger ferries with 175 passengers or more. Todd Rich is a Cousins Island resident. Todd worked as a captain at Casco Bay Lines. All come to us with great experience as licensed captains.

Additionally, we have hired a new full time captain for our ferry service. Matt Ridgway recently moved to the island with his family. Matt has his 100 ton license and also has broad marine experience in different areas on the East Coast. Matt also has extensive vessel maintenance experience.

We are fortunate to have such qualified captains as part of the CTC team. They each bring their unique experience to the company, have positive attitudes, and are contributing team members. We are already benefiting from their insight and suggestion. If you are on the ferry with Shannon, Jen, Todd, or Matt, please help us welcome them to CTC!