Year Round Housing on Chebeague


As the real estate market has evolved over the last few decades, affordable homes on Chebeague have become increasingly scarce.  In general, the high demand for summer homes has translated into less availability and higher costs for year round homes.  And yet, surveys show that the community is in favor of maintaining an economically diverse and year round population.  The need also relates to the School; logic dictates that without a school we would no longer be a community; and without affordable housing, we are less likely to have a viable school population.  CICA does not intend to be the only provider of year round housing; rather, we hope that what we can provide helps in a small way.

Note: as of January 2016, both homes at 43 School House Road are occupied.

Why do we need year round housing?

Recently rented by a new family, with option to buy; sold in early 2014.

New rentals: 2 homes at

43 School House Road

Efficient Energy Star construction; durable materials; 3 bedrooms & 2.5 baths in each home