Chebeague Island Community Association


The Chebeague Island Community Association was founded when School Administrative District #51 (our school district at that time) decided to move our 4th and 5th grade students from the island school to the mainland.  Reportedly SAD51 also had a longer term direction to actively shut down the Chebeague Island School.  An adhoc committee was formed to explore alternatives that would help preserve year round community on Chebeague.  Seven alternatives were studied; secession from the Town of Cumberland and the formation of our own school district was the solution that emerged.  CICA was formed as a 501(c)(3) community organization to help support this effort, with the intent that CICA would, in the longer term, work on additional issues in support of the long term viability of year round community on Chebeague.

The Chebeague Island Community Association’s mission is “to ensure the survival and long-term viability of Great Chebeague Island as a year-round community.”  In addition to independence for Chebeague Island, CICA has worked on four kinds of projects: year-round, moderately priced housing, local economic development, energy efficiency and encouraging agriculture on the island.

Board Of Directors:

  1. Vika Wood (president)

  2. Bob Earnest (treasurer)

  3. Beth Howe (secretary)

  4. Deb Hall

  5. Julia Maine

  6. Diane Lukac


  1. The CICA Board meets as needed; meetings are posted on the website and around town.

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Pizza oven and picnic shelter built by CICA and donated to the Chebeague Island School