Hello Carolers,

Tomorrow is the first Carol in the Woods - where we will be singing carols in the center of the island in Littlefield Woods (where all the trails meet).

•This is a new idea, so it will be pretty wide open with ideas for improvement
•Text me with any questions — Erika 207-749-8022
•If you want to Zoom later tonight and sing, practice - I can set up a Zoom after 8pm
•If you need to walk in together to find the spot, let me know
•Dress warmly
•We will meet at 1pm - guessing we will go for 35 mins
•There are 6 songs — lyrics attached - if you can print, that is great. If not, I will print copies and bring
•Video tape/take photos as you wish
•Likely we will be Acapella — unless we are lucky to have some of our musicians bring strings, flutes, kazoos — turns out Ben has a conflict and won’t be on the portable keyboard
•We picked a short and sweet list, since it is likely to be COLD. But feel free to suggest others or stay longer
•I will have the songs on a playlist on my phone, so we can pick a key (and bring a pitch pipe if I can find it!)

We are hoping to make a little recording of this into a video and share with the community. (Since, trekking into the middle of the island is not everyone’s cuppa tea and students and full-time professionals are working!)

Please feel free make videos as you enter, sing, leave and text or email to me.

Afterwards, I will work with Chip to create a movie. The shorter the clip the easier to text to me right from your phone…. like 10-20 seconds at a time. You might get a shot of your feet walking up the trail… or of your hands holding your music, or the sky above the pines. Humming... This is a grand holiday experiment of nature, woods and community!

Thanks for lending your good cheer and voices.

Peace and Harmony,