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Sept. 7, 2013                                                              Contact: Monica Harrington





Oxford Hills High School, Friday, October 4th at 7:00 pm

256 S. Main St., S. Paris, Maine sponsored by First Congregational Church in S. Paris/Rev. Don Mayberry


East Point Christian Church, Sunday, October 6th at 6:00 pm

58 City Line Dr., Portland, Maine sponsored by EPCC/Pastor Scott Taube



ÔVoices filled with hope – faces bright with joy – lives touched by loveÕ


Destiny Africa ChildrenÕs Choir returns for another US tour! Destiny Africa has been touring in the US, Belgium and the UK for the past four years and delivers an amazing heartfelt experience of joy and hope!


They have been graced with opportunities to perform for the UK Prime Minister and members of Parliament, at US State Houses and for government officials, at the United Nations, for the Ugandan Embassy, Boston & Brooklyn African Festivals, several Jazz festivals, the Newport Yachting Center and more! In October 2012 they performed for over 20 Heads of State at the Uganda Jubilee, a celebration of 50 years of independence!


You will experience an uplifting, exciting and vibrant show by beautiful and talented performers from Uganda. The performance will be a lively mix of contemporary and traditional African songs, drumming and dances.


The children in the choir are between the ages of 9 and 16 years of age.  Many of these children were orphans, some being rescued from horrific situations. They have now been adopted by the Kampala Children's Centre — a community of homes, a school, a farm, youth center, workshop and other resources among which these children live, learn and thrive. Their lives have been transformed and now these children sing a new song, one of hope, restoration, freedom and joy which they are bringing it on tour!


Kampala ChildrenÕs Centre was the vision of Arnold Muwonge, who now serves as its Director. Located outside of the city of Kampala, the Centre is now home to approximately 130 children. The CentreÕs goal is to eventually house, educate and care for at least 1000 orphans from within Uganda. The mission is to raise these once broken and abandoned lives and allow them to mature into empowered and self-sustaining adults, who will transform their communities and the generations to come!


During the performances there will be an opportunity to donate, sponsor children, and purchase handcrafted items from Africa. All proceeds from each tour go directly towards supporting the work of Kampala ChildrenÕs Centre which is to rescue and save more lives and give the gift of a bright future. To learn more about the Destiny Africa ChildrenÕs Choir and their home in Uganda go to www.destinyafrica.org and www.kampalachildren.org.


For more information about these upcoming performances, please contact: Monica Harrington, 603-689-6285, monica@destinyafrica.org.