My Mother is a Rock Star

PORTLAND, Maine (MMD Newswire) October 31, 2011 -- The Drew Sisters, Laura and Tammy, have been teaching young adults for decades, but are now bringing their lessons to the literary world with their young adult novel, "My Mother is a Rock Star" (ISBN 1463736789). They weave their personal experiences into the fictional story of Clementine Calloway to teach teenage girls a lesson of self-acceptance. Clementine is just like any other teenager. She loves hanging out with her best friend, Esther, and has the biggest crush on the hottest guy named Gabriel at their school, Beverly Hills Private School. She wants to wear more make-up like the other girls and get hair extensions, but her mom won't let her. While her mom takes the traditional approach to parenting, Clementine's mother is anything but traditional. She is a world-famous rock star. When the school year ends, Clementine takes the opportunity to spend two weeks with her pen-pal on Chebeague Island in Maine. But as soon as she gets there, she realizes just how different life is there from her home in Beverly Hills. Without cell phone service, texting or even a computer, Clementine could be in for a nightmare or something that will change her life forever.
"We wanted to create a story that would quietly encourage girls to slow down, breathe in life and not be in such a hurry to grow up," Laura Drew says. "As someone who taught the children of celebrities in Beverly Hills, we saw that happen a lot to young girls." The former Beverly Hills private school teachers cover topics they saw as important to young teenagers as they grow up and find out who they are. They hope that their age-appropriate, often humorous book will remind young girls to enjoy the simplicity of adolescence and to embrace who they are as individuals.
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About the Authors:

The Drew Sisters grew up in Bridgton, Maine and are graduates of the University of Maine in Orono. Laura has taught English in Maine, Massachusetts and California for over a decade. She created many articles for the New England Association of Teachers of English and won the 2004 award for the Article of the Year for Dinner Discussions: An Engaging Alternative to Literature Circles. Tammy has taught elementary and middle school for nearly two decades in Maine, New Hampshire and California. She currently teaches kindergarten through second grade on Chebeague Island.
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