Annual Meeting of CICA
Tuesday October 18, 2011 at 7:15 at the Parish House


1. Election of Board Members and Officers
a. Volunteers and nominations from the floor are welcome

2. Financial Report

3. Review of existing programs
a. Year-Round Housing
a. School House Road duplex
b. Future of 226 South Road – rental or sale?
c. Lone Goat Farm

4. Info on status of kelp farm aquaculture application

5. Other business

Current Officers
Bob Earnest, President
John Wilson, Treasurer
Beth Howe, Secretary

Members of the Board Term expires
Bob Earnest 2013
Mabel Doughty 2013
Deb Hall 2013
John Wilson 2012
Beth Howe 2012
Ruth Slagle 2012
David Whiston 2011
Frank Durgin 2011