How would you describe ChebeagueÕs roads:  disgraceful?  poor but safe?   adequate?  boring?  expensive?


Since last spring the Town of Chebeague Island has had a ROAD PLAN providing options for fixing our roads.  It has also had a ROAD PLAN COMMITTEE to recommend specific projects to be included in the budget each year.  THIS COMMITTEE NEEDS YOUR IDEAS AND OPINIONS ABOUT SUCH THINGS AS:


Should we spend substantial amounts of money on making repairs

 to the road beds of poor roads to reduce long-term maintenance

 costs?  Do you think it would save money in the long run?


Should some crossroads (think about your own if you live on one)

 be returned to gravel from asphalt?  What if this was the least

expensive option?


Should we borrow money and increase the TownÕs debt to do all

the road repairs at one time, saving money by bringing equipment

 and supplies out only one time, or repair the roads over 10 to 20

 years, using money put aside in each yearÕs capital budget?


The Road Plan Committee will hold a Meeting on

Roads and the Road Plan

Thursday November 3 at 7:15 at the Hall


ItÕs your tax money that fixes the road.  Come and have a say.