Announcement: Public Meeting Regarding Proposed Lease by Ocean Approved / Aquaculture (growing kelp) on a site near the bar between Chebeague and Little Chebeague


Date:               9/18/2011

Time:              9am

Location:         Island Community Hall


CICA is facilitating a meeting this Sunday at which the proposed lessee (Ocean Approved) will present their plans and will then open the floor to questions and comments. 

      CICA is not taking a position at this time in favor of, or in opposition to, the proposed lease.  Rather, CICA is hoping to help interested members of the community gather information, ask questions, and express opinions.

      Separately, that the Department of Marine Resources may schedule a public hearing on Chebeague relative to this lease (if at least 5 members of the public request such a hearing).


If you want to learn more before the meeting, please call Bob Earnest, Beth Howe, or John Wilson (CICA officers).