Planning for 2012 Washington D.C.  Trip



Interested in visiting Washington D.C. in February or March of 2012? Come to an informational meeting at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 6 at the Chebeague Island School. Our 2009 D.C. Trip slideshow will be shown and general information will be shared. At this time, weĠre just investigating the number of adults and students interested before we begin planning and making the multitude of necessary contacts. Adults and grade five through twelve students (2011-2012) are welcomed to join the travel group. Fourth grade students may participate in the trip if accompanied by a parent. Attending the meeting does not obligate you to participate in the trip. 2009 travelers are invited to attend and share their D.C. experiences. If you are interested but not able to attend the info meeting, contact Mary Holt at or 846-5040.