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Tiffany, Tracy and I are participating in the Relay for Life on May 20-21 at the University of Maine at Orono. We need your support to help us raise a $100 a piece to participate and challenge you to help us to reach in your pockets and help those people who are struggling or will be struggling with this disease that doesn't seem to give any mercy.

Some of you are individuals who have been through the battle and conquered it, others have been through the battle w/ others who were less fortunate or who are still battling. Most of us have a family member or very close friend who has been through the wringers fighting to keep their spirits up. My girls and I are walking in this relay to remember a good friend, ANne Longe who fought and seemed to have won the battle with breast cancer and then a year later passed away with liver cancer. We also have a very special guy, Jacob Leeman, my sister’s nephew, who is now battling kidney cancer. He not only has one kidney effected but both. One has a tumor on the outside of it, the other has one inside of it. Chemo is helping him at this point and we certainly are in great hopes with the prayers and support the little guy will be strong and beat this monster..

But the more support, the more help we can put forth in stopping this killer. Please help with a donation to the American Cancer society. You can click on the link that will take you to my team page and you can donate under Tiffany, Tracy or my name. Please let us set up a laminar in honor or memory of an individual you would like to be representing.

Thank you,

Virginia Tatakis-Calder

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