Marlon Shepard-Kegl

July 7, 2007 at Elizabeth's Wedding

Marlon received a serious spinal cord injury on an educational trip to Rome recently and is now in Boston recovering. You may remember Marlon who along with Denis and another friend Ryan helped at Elizabeth 's wedding. There was a huge bottle drive on August 25th on the mainland and they raised about $3000 to help Marlon with many things he and his family will need for when Marlon comes home.

Message from Julie Clippart on October 27, 2007:

Good Morning Friends,
    A beautiful FALL day and I hope you all are able to get outside and enjoy :-)
    In case you didn't know, our dear friend Marlon is home from Georgia which was an outstanding experience for him and his family.  I have not spoke to him personally, however, I have heard he is doing well, getting school work done as he WILL be graduating with his friends/class.  The home renovations have been completed and from what I have heard, he has just what he needs and wants.  Thank you to all that have helped in this process!!!!!!
    It has been decided that ALL of the proceeds from our fund raisers will be used to purchase Marlon his very own COOLEST CAR!!!!  The vehicle he will be getting is the Honda Element.  The doors open front/back to an 80 degree angle so he get ALL of his gear in and out independently.  The plan is to purchase his vehicle this week and get up to Gray to get the proper adaptations made so he can drive safely.  Yes, Marlon safely :-)
    We will be keeping the bank account open at Maine Bank and Trust for ongoing donations and potential fundraisers.  I know that we have many more bracelets to sell and will be continuing to actively pursuing the sale.  I have handed out several bags of bracelets and if you would please either get the proceeds to me or directly deposit the funds into the MIGHTY MARLON account at Maine Bank and Trust, this would be greatly appreciated.  We do have enough in the account to purchase the car, however, will need additional funding for the adaptations, registration and all that other stuff.  I am picking up the check for the remainder of the bottle drives this week and all other funds have been deposited as far as I know.
    The Sheppard-Kegl family have incurred insurmountable costs with their home renovations and have purchased Marlon an FES  bike to keep his lower body muscles toned and strong.  All of these costs have been out of pocket!!  Insurance and grants have helped with only a small portion of Marlon's needs.  I do not have any exact numbers, I am definitely not a business person in addition to that part is none of my business.  I just know it is a LOT of money to meet Marlon's needs.
    The genuine loving support of our community has been one of the most beautiful experiences I have been involved in and to each and everyone of you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It truly does take a village to raise our children which has been a special gift for Marlon and so many others.
    God Bless you ALL!!!!!!!
Life is GOOD . . .

"Mighty Marlon Fund!!" c/o Julie Klippert, 25 Crossing Brook Road, Cumberland, Maine 04021.

If people would like to make direct donations, please do so at any branch of Maine Bank and Trust in the "Mighty Marlon Fund."

Next bottle drive fundraiser:
September 8, 2007 at the Yarmouth Redemption Center;
708 Rt. 1, Yarmouth; 9:00am to 1:00pm.

There is also a page at go to MarlonShepardKegl

A WONDERFUL update!!  Marlon is feeling much better with the additional medical care for pneumonia.  Even with a high fever and feeling poor at best, he continued his therapy routine which is from 9:00am to 4:00pm, dinner and a good night's sleep.  Probably not of a surprise to anyone, Marlon is putting every ounce of his energy into not only mastering what the Doctors and Physical Therapists ask of him, he is going above and beyond, excelling with an extremely strong positive attitude.  Our dearest Marlon is enduring the biggest challenge he has been faced with as of today only demonstrating his true grace, dignity and the greatest inner strength that words cannot even begin to describe . . .
    It has been shared that Marlon needs to focus solely on his rigorous schedule Monday through Friday.  As he is using every ounce of energy he has and more, by the end of his work day, he is exhausted in all aspects. Sleep is then crucial to face the next set of challenges to conquer, which are presented each new day.  Judy, his Mom shared with me tonight Marlon is doing push-ups; the kind all of us dream about being able to do!!!Marlon has shared with deepest gratitude that he knows and feels the love and support of his family and friends.  He is so longing/wanting to come home and be with everyone all at the same time, each and every day.  GREAT news; the plan is for Marlon to be back home mid September!!!
    In the meantime, during the week Marlon truly does not have the energy to visit, as he is working all day, eats and then sleeps.  However, on the weekends he has approximately two hours of therapy a day and would LOVE to have visitors.   Please check with the Shepard-Kegl family, the Coyne Family, the Maker Family and yes, Elena prior to making plans as Marlon's schedule may change, pending his remarkable recovery process and new therapies scheduled.  You all know Marlon and just never know what to expect . . . :-)
    Thank you for understanding and respecting Marlon's needs at this time.  Stay tuned as anything and everything great can be expected when it involves "MAR-MONEY."
Marlon would love to have mail or "surprises."  This is his address:
Marlon Shepard-Kegl
Menino Pavilion, Boston Medical Center
7th floor, Room 707
840 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA  02118

Bottle drive for Mar-money on August 25, 2007

Donations to help Marlon may be sent to
"Mighty Marlon Fund!!"
 c/o Julie Klippert
25 Crossing Brook Road
Cumberland, Maine 04021.