CBITD Sponsored Island Meeting

This year, CBL is hosting its summer island meeting in the evening on the Bay Mist, leaving Portland on Tuesday, July 17th at 5:30pm, sailing to each island to pick up island residents who would like to join us at the meeting, and then docking at Cliff Island to conduct the meeting. The following is a detailed schedule of island stops for pick-ups:


     Departure time    Location

     5:30pm                 Portland ­ Terminal

     5:50pm                 Peaks Island

     6;00pm                 Little Diamond Island

     6:05pm                 Great Diamond Island ­ State Pier

     6:20pm                 Great Diamond Island ­ Diamond Cove

     6:30pm                 Long Island

     6:50pm                 Chebeague Island

     7:05pm  (arrival)     Cliff Island

     7:15pm                 CBITD-Sponsored Island Meeting on-board the Bay Mist


The meeting is expected to last an hour to an hour-and-a-alf. Light refreshments will be available during the meeting and a cash bar afterwards as we sail back to each island to drop you off. We welcome your questions and comments at this meeting. We hope you will take this opportunity to give input to Board members and staff and also to meet and socialize with your island neighbors.


Agenda: a fast-paced powerpoint presentation with the following reports, keeping the presentation to 30 minutes, followed by public input.



I.  CBITD Reports ­ intro Rick
· Finance Committee Report ­ Leo
· Government Relations ­ Gene
· Rate Committee ­ Gene
· Operations Committee ­ Chuck
· Sales and Mktg Committee ­ Scott
· Staff Reports ­ CSD and Nick
· Wharf (and other MDOT) reports ­ Sue
· Upcoming Elections ­ Rick



II.  Public Input